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Hi, I'm Secret.

I love programming, working with electronics, and 3d printing things.

You will most likely find me as Secretowo online, but there's at least one other person with this username out there. (I dont draw NSFW stuff)

Feel free to message me if you wanna talk or if you have any questions!

My Projects and software I use

APC mini audio control

Use an APC mini Midi controller to control individual Audio sessions and more

Python library for the APC midi controllers



Software im using to control the LEDs in my room. I switched from using MLSC a while ago because LedFx runs on Windows directly. Both are really awesome!

Homeassistant, NodeRed, Zigbee2MQTT

The heart (and brains!) of my DIY smart home. All running on a Pi 4. Some noteworthy "features":

  • Room-level presence detection
    • Music follows me through the house
    • Lights turn off when not needed and back on without me noticing
  • Smart light switch using a Shelly 2.5 that falls back to relays if Wifi/MQTT is unavailable
  • A DIY Wifi doorbell with a Display and motion sensor
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